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About Me

Welcome to Bev Nap & Coasters, my name is Jovan Diaz, and I'm thrilled to take you on a journey through the fascinating world of cocktails.

About My Journey

Having visited over 250 cocktail bars and counting, I've been fortunate enough to witness mixology at its finest across various cultures and cities. Hailing from the vibrant backdrop of New York City, I was immersed in a dynamic cocktail scene. This upbringing ignited my lifelong passion for mixology, bartending, cocktails, and the rich tapestry of flavors found in spirits.

My Passion and Expertise

As a dedicated cocktail and spirit enthusiast, I thrive on the idea of being a lifelong learner. Whether it's experimenting with new recipes, discovering unique flavor combinations, or exploring the history and techniques behind iconic cocktails, my enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Beyond Mixology

Not only do I cherish making cocktails, but I also love the experience of entertaining. There's something truly special about bringing people together, sharing stories, and creating memorable moments through the craft of mixology.

Industry Knowledge

With years of immersion in the bar industry, I've gathered a wealth of knowledge about mixology trends, spirits, bar culture, and the ever-evolving cocktail scene. I'm excited to share insights, tips, and recommendations to elevate your cocktail experience.

Join me on this exciting journey as we delve into the world of cocktails, from classic concoctions to innovative creations, and let's raise a glass to the art of mixology!

Cheers! Saluti! Yamas! Salud! Sante!

My Favorite Resources

Cocktail Podcast bar knowledge

Cocktail College

Embark on a cocktail odyssey with VinePair Managing Editor Tim McKirdy through his weekly Cocktail College Podcast. Join him as he delves deep into the art of classic cocktails alongside North America’s finest bartenders. Beyond the mere recipe, he explores every facet of mixology, unraveling the mysteries of ingredients, mastering the art of ice, perfecting techniques, exploring garnishes, and the evolution of bitters. Elevate your cocktail game with a treasure trove of insights and expertise, making Cocktail College an indispensable resource for expanding your mixology knowledge and crafting exceptional cocktails.

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handsome bartender prepares an orange alcoholic cocktail, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

Tales Of The Cocktail Foundation

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation is a nonprofit, vibrant hub dedicated to educating, advancing, and supporting cocktail enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Just as the Foundation acts as a catalyst for communities globally, the platform aims to inspire and empower. Explore a wealth of resources, from mixology education to industry insights, fostering growth and camaraderie within the cocktail world. A spirited journey of learning, collaboration, and celebration!

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Closeup glass of red negroni cocktail, The Worlds 50 Best Bars

The World's 50 Best Bars

The World’s 50 Best Bars. Since its inaugural publication in 2009, this prestigious annual list is a celebration of excellence in the global drinks industry. Crafted through the discerning votes of 680 esteemed drinks experts worldwide, it showcases the pinnacle of bar culture and mixology brilliance. With each year's unveiling, this curated ranking presents an unparalleled international roadmap, spotlighting the crème de la crème of bars and serving as the definitive guide for discerning enthusiasts seeking the most exceptional drinking experiences globally.

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Bartender at Large Podcast

Bartender At Large Podcast

Bartender at Large is an award-winning podcast hosted by the legendary bartender, Erick Castro. He embarks on a journey around the world, interviewing some of the industry's most influential bartenders and the craft cocktails we all love. 

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